Short-Term Missions Group Discounts

Special discounts for larger groups and pastors

Because we know the impact that a Week of Hope can have on the hearts of our visitors, we want even more people to experience it. We are offering larger groups a 50% discount for their leaders!

Groups of 15 or more = 50% discount on the room and board for one team leader.

Groups of 20 or more = 50% discount on the room and board for two leaders AND FREE room and board for one full-time pastor.

There is no greater promoter in a church than a pastor who has caught the vision and who can share from the heart with first-hand experience. With this in mind, LHI is offering FREE room and board to one full-time pastor who visits with a team of 15 or more people. 

If you would like to take advantage of this discount, please let us know. We realize that finances are not the most important part of your trip, but if offering a discount will help or encourage you to bring a larger team, we want to do just that. We also realize that as you build your team, you may not know how many members you will have until a later date. That is fine, just let us know when the time comes.

Thank you for your service in leading willing hearts to do the work of God our father.