Living Hope International (LHI) has the privilege to serve the children of Mexico, and YOU can be part of making a BIG difference in the lives of many—before the year comes to an end. With your help we can come together and help more children reach their God-given potential and empower the staff of Esperanza Viva (EV) to continue serving the next generation.

We have a goal to raise $50,000 by the end of the year for three specific areas in need.

These areas are:


The staff serving at Esperanza Viva have invested countless hours and have gone beyond what is expected, oftentimes sacrificing themselves out of love, for others to receive hope. We are extremely grateful for the teachers, supervisors, administrators, social workers, and staff working in various other areas within the ministry. These staff members put in anywhere from 45-60 hours per week while using their God-given talents and keeping their eyes on Him. Their passion to share the gospel to these precious children and persevere is inspiring. Some are getting married, starting families, and others are in need of additional support in order to continue in ministry.

We would like to bless them in a special way by supporting them in this season. Would you be part of blessing the staff?


Puebla’s rainy season has made access to and from Nations School and the Esperanza Viva campus a challenge for the staff and community students. The rain, and the deep mud it creates, has left many cars stuck, making commutes extremely difficult. Local government will not take on this project due to zoning laws, so the responsibility lies with us. We wholeheartedly believe that part of our mission is to provide opportunities to those in need; however, families from the community have been faced with the decision to suspend their students´ attendance to Nations School because of the inability to get to the Esperanza Viva campus safely.

Would you help us make a way for the community to have access to education by paving the entrance road of our campus?


When children come to Esperanza Viva Youth Home they are oftentimes attending school for the very first time. Through Nations School, they have the opportunity to graduate from high school and some continue to pursue their education through university or vocational training classes. Esperanza Viva is overjoyed to share the stories of children who have grown up at Esperanza Viva, obtained a high school diploma, and have successfully completed their training in their field of interest at local universities. Some have decided to come on board and work as staff within the ministry and others have secured jobs related to their field of study and are living their lives as independent young adults contributing to society. As more students work hard and complete their high school education, we believe that receiving aid to fund their studies will greatly bless their future.

Help turn dreams into reality for the children of Esperanza Viva by donating to the Lasting Hope Fund.