Nations School Library Donations

Building Knowledge One Book at a Time

Might you or your team have a little suitcase space to bring some books?


  • Gently used books
  • Preferably bilingual books if there is an option, otherwise Spanish and English are both acceptable
  • Softcover ideal to help with luggage restrictions
  • Duplicates are acceptable

We’re seeking a wide range of books. We are hoping to offer our children a wide range of reading options in the brand-new library. Please consider donating a favorite copy of fiction or nonfiction, Christian, or literary classics.

Bring your favorites or view our popular literary reading list below.

You can find these books in a variety of places: bookstores, yard sales, thrift stores, online stores, even libraries sometimes sell surplus books. Keep an eye out for these books while you are out and about!

Click the download PDF link to download a printable list.