The Great Commission 101

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The Great Commission calls us to action. It is the opportunity to directly respond to a heavenly invitation. The words in Matthew 28:19 awaken and extend the challenge to all believers to GO and spread the Gospel. As believers, when asked about our life goals or scope of influence, we may not immediately think in terms of ̈Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth… ̈. We might however, think of our families, our communities, our cities, and our nation.
In Christ, every individual is needed and valuable in making Him known. We are called to LOVE, right at home, then taking the next step to love our neighbor, then the next step in seeking to make a real difference in the world, just as Christ did. We are called to WORSHIP in spirit and in truth, through action and service, at our church, workplace, and community, giving God glory for all things. We are all called to EVANGELIZE.
This is not reserved for eloquent speakers with a grand audience. The truth is that most of us will express the Gospel message through compassion and mercy right in our living rooms, over conversation and coffee with friends, and then those friends will do the same for others. We are called to EDIFY and build each other up, sharing experiences and testimonies while not neglecting to share the hope and salvation we only find in Christ.
Just as our faith grows through a deep, genuine, and personal relationship with Jesus, the reach of the Gospel message is amplified when we are following His example to connect, reach out, and give freely. The Gospel is not confined to a building, or exclusive to a program. The Gospel is JESUS. And Jesus has no barriers.

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