Church Missions in Oaxaca, Mexico

Building a Church

Oaxaca, Mexico

The churches supported by Living Hope in remote villages of Oaxaca, Mexico are the fruit of Jerry and Susy McNally’s church planting in the 80s. Still growing today, these churches and their pastors are a shining light in their communities, preaching the gospel of Jesus and discipling believers in their walk with God.  

How can you be a part?

Growth in the village churches in recent months has generated a need for larger and more fitting buildings for our church missions in the mountains of Oaxaca. The church in Santiago Amoltepec is in urgent need to put a roof on their building before the onset of the 6-month rainy season. The believers in that village have been meeting in a crowded building and have put forth a huge effort to build their auditorium, but the roof is crucial for its completion. Help us raise $3,000 to meet this need.