Just in Time

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When our Matamoros children and staff moved to Puebla in early August, we didn’t realize how important the timing was for them to have access to the medical care we have at Esperanza Viva Clinic and in the city of Puebla. For 8-year-old Marcos*, it was crucial to give him immediate medical attention. With the help of telemedicine for a remote diagnosis and our on-staff nurse accompanying him for a quick hospital stay, our little boy received the needed treatment and recovered quite well. Our staff was amazed to witness the miracle that Marcos received such life-saving and urgent care so soon after arriving in Puebla. If he had not been relocated to Puebla when he was, he would have experienced life-altering complications. We believe that God’s guidance is with us and as we trust Him from the big steps and smallest detail, He proves to be faithful. Marcos’ story is just another example of this grace and the Lord’s care for each of His children.

* Name changed to protect identity.

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