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Kids’ Stories

Kids’ Stories

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Letters to My Sponsor

Concepts borrowed from a sponsor’s letters through the years

Dear Carson Family,

My name is Juan. I am six years old. Maybe you chose me from a photo and read my story. Maybe you came to visit me and we became friends. I write you letters and draw pictures for you. I smile in photos and I love to play. I have lots of friends and a big new family. I am safe. I am happy. I tell you that I love you and thank you for the special gifts and kind words you share with me. I mean it, I love you. Juan ■

I am eleven years old now. I am learning what love truly means. I know your name by heart. I keep all of your letters, photos and cards; they are special to me. You care about me and pray for me. You are my friend. I may not understand the depth of God’s love for me, but I know that He loves me. You help to remind me that God loves me. Juan ■

I am growing up and you are a part of my life. I learn from you. Your faith and the words that you share bring me hope. I allow myself to dream, dream that I can finish school, maybe I can even go to college. Juan ■

I am graduating from college. I know you are happy for me. I am still in awe of how my life has changed. I am hopeful and unafraid of the future. Thank you for showing me hope and unconditional friendship. Thank you for being my sponsor. ❤

Your friend,

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