Dream Come True

In more than 20 years of ministry we have seen an array of visitors pass through our doors and we continue to be amazed!
Margaret Wilcox celebrated her 78th birthday during her first-ever missions trip to Puebla, Mexico. She opened her heart to our staff and shared the obstacles that almost impeded her dream of going on a missions trip.


Filling Voids

We believe that the only thing that can truly transform the lives of the children in our care is the love of Jesus. We regularly witness this genuine, unbiased, unconditional love poured out into the children through the many visitors and sponsors who positively impact their lives.


One God, Many Ways to Serve

Spending time with the children of EV is neither charity nor obligation, but rather a great opportunity for God to demonstrate His plan of redemption in the purest and most raw examples on earth: people loving one another. When we witness orphaned and at-risk children living joyfully in the refuge of the God who loves them, we see more clearly than ever His plan for salvation and purpose in our own lives. If you haven’t yet visited–the time has never been better.



The word “reach” can sum up one’s current sphere of influence, but also speaks of the capacity to become greater, challenging one to extend even further. How have you been reached? Has God touched your life and His Gospel penetrated your heart, life and worldview? Our logo depicts a two-way reach, thus, our vision is a call for us all to understand our need for help and rescue, yet be ever watching for the chance to help others. We can reach down ourselves to answer a desperate plea from those God has put in our path.