Partner with Jess & Kate Jimenez

Jess & Kate Jimenez

Kate and Jesus (Jess) have served as full time missionaries at Esperanza Viva since attending the same course at Nations Ministry Institute (La Viña) in 2019. Prior to being married on July 3rd, 2021, they served individually as dormitory supervisors as well as in other departments.
Kate, originally from Wisconsin, was called to missions at a young age and after hearing about EV from a friend, visited for the first time in 2017. She currently serves in the Sponsorship department.
Jesús, also known as Jess, was born and raised in Puebla and began attending Nations Church with his family in 2008. Jess currently serves as Coordinator of Nations Ministry Institute (La Viña) and in the IT Department.
Jess and Kate look forward to serving side by side, and being an example to the next generation of young missionaries.

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Missionary since: January 10, 2020
Originally from: Jess (Puebla, Mexico) Kate (Wisconsin)
Based in: Puebla, Mexico
Primary Areas of Service: Sponsorship, Nations Ministry Institute (La Viña), IT Department.

Wedding Anniversary: July 3, 2020
Jess’ Birthday: March 22
Kate’s Birthday: October 21