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Alfredo & Hazeel Torres

Alfredo and Hazeel Torres met at Esperanza Viva Youth Home-Puebla in 2009 and were married in December 2010. Originally from Puebla, Alfredo joined the ministry staff after graduating from Nations Ministry Institute- La Viña in 2008. Hazeel, who was born and raised in Houston, Texas, also studied in La Viña, graduating a year after Alfredo. They share a passion to see the love of God transform lives through praise and worship, and together serve on the worship team at Nations Church, offering their musical gifts to the Lord’s service. Alfredo, uses his artistic abilities to create inspiring promotional materials for the ministry as our resident graphic designer. Hazeel also serves as the Revision Coordinator for Living Hope and is homeschooling their three children: Edissa, Mateo, and Seth.

Financial Support: Living Hope International missionaries receive no salary as they serve. Would you consider a monthly or one-time gift to keep their specific ministry financially stable?

Missionaries since: January 2009
Originally from: Alfredo (Puebla, Mexico) Hazeel (Texas)
Based in: Puebla, Mexico
Primary Areas of Service: Worship, Multimedia, Design, Teaching

Wedding Anniversary: December 5, 2010
Alfredo’s Birthday: July 21
Hazeel’s Birthday: September 21
Edissa’s Birthday: August 1, 2012
Mateo’s Birthday: April 28, 2014
Seth’s Birthday: October 14, 2016