Choose to sponsor an ID-protected boy

ID-Protected Boy

Greatest risks without intervention:

Age: 11
Birthday: Undisclosed

Choose to sponsor a boy in protective custody. Once you sponsor this child you will receive a photo and bio with additional details and information.

  • My favorite food is: Hamburgers
  • My favorite activities: Water balloon fights
  • Future hopes: Truck driver

Arrival at Esperanza Viva: Undisclosed
Gender: Male | Campus: Matamoros
Sibling(s) also living at Esperanza Viva: None

Each Gift of Hope child sponsorship is just $36 per month. Choose how often you wish to give. 

The Gift of Hope Child Sponsorship program is unique in that it provides complete, round-the-clock care for children who have no other safe place to live. We are pleased to report that 100% of all sponsorship donations go directly to the care of the children.