The Promises of God

Rainbow Over Esperanza Viva Youth Home Puebla, Mexico

Rainbow Over Esperanza Viva Youth Home Puebla, MexicoThe Promises of God


A beautiful arch of colors in the sky as a rain shower passes by is an age-old reminder of our God who never changes. As our Matamoros children and staff packed up their belongings and left behind their familiar home and trekked across the country to join the Esperanza Viva family in Puebla, they were under a rainbow promise from God: that He is always working, always watching over His people, and always finishes the good work He has begun. We are hopeful and grateful as we anticipate this special season ahead for our big family at Esperanza Viva. These newest additions to our Puebla campus will integrate wonderfully, like the family that they are. Expanded learning resources at Nations School, care from Esperanza Viva Clinic, and worshiping as one family at Nations Church are among the blessings they look forward to in the coming days.

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