Quarantine Effects

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Esperanza Viva Youth Home Puebla, Mexico

Esperanza Viva Youth Home Puebla, MexicoQuarantine Effects

Perspective Matters

Jesus, a refuge in times of trouble. Our strong tower—our living hope. Thankfully the concept of refuge has been instilled in our children long before quarantine came about. Yes, though Esperanza Viva (EV) is experiencing new procedures and precautions due to the conditions surrounding us, the concept of living without the luxuries many are familiar with has not taken a huge toll on the children. Things like graduation parties, weddings, weekend gatherings–even funerals–that many associate with family and feel are missing in recent months, were never really part of the EV kids’ lives. Throughout the years, however, we’ve created an environment of community right on the EV campus. The kids’ “summer camp” experiences are the bonfire nights. The occasional campus movie night serves as our version of “Friday Night Lights”, and the “local ice cream hangout” is our newly revamped snack stand.

The sacrifice of quarantining, to the eyes of our children, is simply a chance to spend more time together on the basketball court with more giggles and laughs to fill our days. In this time of seeking refuge, we as a ministry are reminded of the joys of closeness and spiritual growth within our family. In the midst of this season of reflection, we’ve found that material items were never the basis of our joy. It was being surrounded by those who love us and lead us to the provider of love. We are grateful that our ministry instilled the importance of togetherness years ago, helping us have a thankful heart in these times. Our encouragement to you, dear reader, is not to be dismayed by the things you miss, but seize this season as an opportunity to draw near to those you love, embracing the beauty of closeness in family, and find joy in the things that cannot be bought and in the hope that never disappoints.

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