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The word “reach” can sum up one’s current sphere of influence, but also speaks of the capacity to become greater, challenging one to extend even further. How have you been reached? Has God touched your life and His Gospel penetrated your heart, life and worldview? Perhaps you’ve experienced a Week of Hope with us in Mexico and the smiles of the kids, in contrast with their broken past, has reached a part of you in a way that cannot be explained nor forgotten. Perhaps the stories of the children’s pasts are a solemn reminder of your own.

We can thank God that He cares enough to reach down to hoist us all from darkness into light, vision and potential, and we can further thank Him for the tools he now equips us with to reach others as we fulfill His purposes beyond our own.

Our logo depicts a two-way reach, thus, our vision is a call for us all to understand our need for help and rescue, yet be ever watching for the chance to help others. We can reach down ourselves to answer a desperate plea from those God has put in our path.

LHI is launching one of our most ambitious and pivotal projects ever, constructing a Pre-K through 12 school to educate and prepare young people, once declared hopeless, for a life of prosperity and joy, reaching their God-given potential.

Over the coming months we plan to further unpack the ways that our first-ever school building will be a pivotal tool in reaching not just the children in our care now, nor simply those who will someday find refuge with us. Our school will be the training grounds of the critical thinking, reason, maturity and creativity needed to reach beyond the secure walls of our campus, to not only the local community here in Mexico, but the far reaches of our world in places like India, Russia, Cuba, the Philippines and more, where God is ready to reach but wants our hands to do so.

Prayerfully consider your role in God’s reach to, in and through you. Is He prompting your heart to reach beyond the known and the comfortable, in order to help spread the Gospel through Living Hope International? Working together we can expand our reach from rescuing children to rescuing a generation and a world in need of hope found only in Christ.

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