Reach: Latest News September 2019

September Issue – 2019

Nations School

This August, we will start school with 149 students, ten of them new enrollments, and we also have three Quest interns teaching English classes.

Clinic News

Our Living Hope Clinic staff has been making preparations for medical mission teams that will visit this fall for dental, optical, and other wellness campaigns.

University Graduations

We are very proud of our two recent graduates. Rosa will use her early childhood development degree as a preschool teacher at Nations School and Ana Luísa will soon be a certified nurse and often helps at Living Hope Clinic.

Sponsor VIP

Child sponsors, it is the perfect time to plan your fall visit, designed specifically for you to get to know and spend time with your child. This year’s fly-in will be October 5-9. Learn more at

Orphan Sunday

Widely recognized as the second Sunday in November, Orphan Sunday is a day to focus our attention on those in need of a family. Would you be an ambassador for what God is doing at Esperanza Viva to your local church? We will provide the resources and you could provide the opportunity to offer child sponsorship as a practical and personal way for your church to be part of helping end the orphan crisis.

Clinic News

Living Hope Clinic is making an impact, at Esperanza Viva among the kids and staff, throughout the local community, and for the congregation of Nations Church. Stay informed with the latest news, needs, and service opportunities as it relates to medical and dental services at: