Reaching the Unreached

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Desperate for something to satisfy the hunger—both physical and spiritual, they keep watch. Nestled in the hills of southern Puebla, a large gathering of tired and poorly-clothed children watch and wait. Will there be enough today? Dust and ash is plentiful, while food is not. There is no reason to think there will be. This area has been overlooked, plundered, and used—mirroring the many hearts there.

Several from our ministry have seen this first hand, traveling through bumpy and stony roads to reach the Popolocas people—this is not a destination, this is desolation.

As we arrive and the dust settles, we step out, we have been preparing spiritually and emotionally for this. “What will we see? Can their hearts be reached? Will this matter tomorrow?”—I wonder as I watch a young boy devour the sandwich just handed to him in a matter of seconds. He is wide-eyed in appreciation until seconds later, the sandwich is violently leaving his body because it no longer knows how to receive nourishment.

We pray that through the masks we wear, these daughters and sons would see and deeply feel a love that reflects Jesus. That within our words, sandwiches, and play, that they would embrace the flicker of hope.

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