Love Covers a Multitude of Risk Factors

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Love Covers a Multitude of Risk Factors

As you become familiar with the kids of Esperanza Viva, you may see one or more of the following icons indicating their specific circumstances.

Does our past determine our future? Are the children of Esperanza Viva (EV), who have faced awful circumstances early on in life, doomed to repeat the cycles of abandonment or abuse? No. We serve a God of new beginnings! God knows and loves us, yet all have sinned and fall short of His glory. BUT: “…if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

We pray that wounds of their past would heal and their new life may begin. Your partnership helps transform these children from victims to victors with a whole new life ahead of them.

Kids at Esperanza Viva-Matamoros, spending time in the kitchen learning life skills of food preparation and stewardship of God’s provision.

educationUNEDUCATED: Due to little or no education prior to their arrival, they were behind and struggling academically.

Through Nations School, Esperanza Viva strives to provide a quality education for its students by applying education techniques and practices that help promote the students’ healthy development and pave the way for academic success.

exploitationEXPLOITED: Before arriving, they were abused, trafficked, or forced to work in order to survive.

The youth homes are a refuge for children in need of safety and protection. Through day-to-day life, the children learn to develop trust and regain confidence in their self-worth. They are encouraged to find value in their unique abilities and to live without fear.

abandonmentABANDONED: Their parent(s) or caretaker(s) left or gave them up due to inability or unwillingness to care for them.

EV meets the children’s basic needs providing shelter, food, education, and activities that foster personal growth. As these needs are consistently supplied, the children begin to be free of their fears of loss and rejection, and can, in turn, feel embraced and empowered.

orphanedORPHANED: Their parent(s) have passed away and they have no suitable caretaker(s).

Through hearing and experiencing the truth of God’s love and goodness at Nations Church and the example set by the EV staff and their live-in caregivers, Christ begins his work in their young lives. The children are treated with respect, kindness, and love, and these demonstrations of Christ bring forth restoration. They can believe that they are a part of something significant. They can believe they are valued.

special needsSPECIAL NEEDS: They have physical or developmental needs that require special care or attention.

EV seeks training and guidance in approaching each child’s individual needs. Through partnerships with local, trained professionals and prepared visitors from the US, the children are equipped with applicable life skills to better face the various challenges of daily life, empowering them to have the ability to overcome their greatest personal trials.

identityID-PROTECTED: For their protection, their names and photos are not to be published publicly.

EV provides refuge for children in dire need of safety by safeguarding their personal information from potentially threatening individuals and providing round-the-clock security and protocols to keep them free from harm. Children who were once vulnerable and living in fear can live in confidence in an environment that nourishes trust.