Running Differently

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Since the founding of Nations Ministry Institute (La Viña), we’ve stressed the importance of body, mind, and spirit, aligned with God’s plan for all. For some students, this included workouts and challenges that pushed them physically. Due to COVID-19, the institute has migrated to an online format. It is a whole new way for the program to be run, but we immediately found that there is a hunger and fresh demand to participate in the course, through remote classes. Our previous class-size record of 44 has been shattered with more than 150 students enrolling from all across Mexico. Pray with us for the students to follow through with their enrollment, remain diligent in coursework, and for this next season of learning and discipleship to bring tremendous growth. Among a culture in need of dedicated Christ followers, the Nations Ministry Institute (La Viña) is expanding the opportunity for profound teaching and maturity regardless of the distance that separates us from our students.

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