Somewhere to Turn

Somewhere to Turn

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Will you help us offer hygiene, health, and healing to the kids?

When you or a family member becomes ill or injured, where do you turn? If you’re like most, you head to your local hospital, doctor or dentist’s office, depending on what you’re facing.

Why? Because you know you will receive the very best medical and dental care available; and you know that you’ll be treated by a skilled team of dedicated, compassionate health professionals in a well-equipped and caring environment.

At Esperanza Viva Youth Home, we want to provide that same environment for our children. Thanks to generous donors like you, we’ve been able to establish a small, temporary clinic on site to care for the children’s basic medical and dental care.

As nice as it is to have these facilities, we are currently faced with an immediate challenge to upgrade the equipment and supplies in our dental clinic.

Your help is extremely important because it will provide supplies and equipment that will be used by our volunteer dentists and on-site staff, who so graciously share their time, talents and resources with us.

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