Let’s stretch our faith together and combine our “mustard seeds” of faith and let God, who makes it grow, transform it into a tree where the birds of the air may find refuge. Let weary and hopeless souls find the strength to fly again.

Greater, bigger, further, higher, deeper. When it comes to summarizing what we dream to see God doing through the diverse ministries of Living Hope in 2020, these words come to mind. We desire God to show off His wonder and love like never before. At the turn of the new year, Jerry challenged the missionary staff to dig deeper, asking

“What would it look like if we doubled… everything
we do?”

“What would it look like if we doubled… everything we do?” A meaningful pause allowed each person to momentarily consider the ramifications of such growth, then he continued to share how the reach and influence of the ministry is on the brink of a breakout in impact. “We need to think differently, consider how God has blessed us with the message, people, and passion we need to add efficiency and focus to our daily tasks AND to our big picture planning.”

On a personal level, much of the staff joined in a 21-day fast drawing near to the Lord and listening closely to how His voice might direct steps of faith and courage. Will 2020 be a year of doubling everything we’re part of? Join us on this journey of faith. From workers and resources, to favor and new opportunities, we can move mountains as we press into Him.