One God, Many Ways to Serve

Spending time with the children of EV is neither charity nor obligation, but rather a great opportunity for God to demonstrate His plan of redemption in the purest and most raw examples on earth: people loving one another. When we witness orphaned and at-risk children living joyfully in the refuge of the God who loves them, we see more clearly than ever His plan for salvation and purpose in our own lives. If you haven’t yet visited–the time has never been better.


Missionary Spotlight: Jenny Azuara

When you think of Esperanza Viva Youth Home in Puebla, you probably don’t think of Jenny Azuara. A national missionary who has served alongside the McNallys since the founding of Living Hope, Jenny stays out of the spotlight but keeps the ministry running. Skillfully handling the administration of multiple ministries, Jenny tirelessly serves the children, staff, church, and visitors with passion. Jenny looks back on her 21 years in the ministry: “There is nothing better than to spend your life totally sold out, serving God.” Sold-out people like Jenny are part of our team of National missionaries who benefit from the Hope 24/7 sponsorship program.