The word “reach” can sum up one’s current sphere of influence, but also speaks of the capacity to become greater, challenging one to extend even further. How have you been reached? Has God touched your life and His Gospel penetrated your heart, life and worldview? Our logo depicts a two-way reach, thus, our vision is a call for us all to understand our need for help and rescue, yet be ever watching for the chance to help others. We can reach down ourselves to answer a desperate plea from those God has put in our path.


Coins for Hope

Kids and classrooms are saving their coins to help the work of Living Hope International.

Coins for Hope is a program designed to involve young people and families in the work of rescuing at-risk children by saving their coins to support the ongoing work of Living Hope International. This FREE, multi-week, video-guided series will teach, inspire, and involve young people in an important role in God’s work, rescuing underprivileged children in Mexico.