Living Hope International Short-Term Missions (STM) Trip Terms Of Agreement


Living Hope International, Inc. (LHI) offers a safe, economical and life-changing missions
opportunity for groups and individuals. LHI has implemented the following policies in order to
provide the best experience possible.


Payment Policy

  1. Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits are transferable only to another participant’s deposit.
  2. All contributions/payments received in excess of trip fees will be used in support of the mission and cannot be refunded or used to reimburse expenses for the group/individuals participating.
  3. Children under age 2 do not pay the Room & Board fee, children ages 2-11 pay 50% of the per person mission fee for trips.
  4. Group Deposit – upon confirmation of available dates a $1000 non-refundable deposit is due immediately to lock in the dates for your group. Registration is not official until funds are received by LHI either through the website or by mail to the West Bend, WI office.
  5. Total Trip Funds: Remainder of the trip cost is due 30 days before Short-Term Missions (STM) trip start date.
  6. Individual or families: Upon confirmation of available dates, a $100 non-refundable deposit is due immediately to lock in the dates for your STM trip. Registration is not official until funds are received by LHI either through the website or by mail to the West Bend, WI office. Remainder of the trip funds is due 30 days before trip start date.


Adding/Dropping Participants

Any request to add or drop participants must be made in writing by mail or email. All requests to add participants must be approved by LHI.


Number Of Participants

The final deadline for the total number of participants for all mission trips will be two months prior to the trip start date. By this date, each group must confirm in writing by mail or email a final count of the number of spaces the group will use and agree to pay in full. The number of spaces reserved should include adult leaders. After the two month deadline, groups are financially committed for the full payment of trip cost on all reserved spaces, unless there is prior authorization from LHI.
For registrations received less than two months before the trip date, the final count of participants (including adult leaders) is due four weeks from the date of registration or two weeks before the trip start date, along with the balance of the trip funds due.


Cancellation Policy

WHEN LIVING HOPE INTERNATIONAL CANCELS A TRIP: LHI has the option to cancel a trip if the minimum requirement of participants is not met or due to other extraordinary events.
In this situation, there are two (2) options:

  • The group/individual(s) may transfer to another trip date with available spaces.
  • All monies paid by the sponsoring group/individual(s) will be duly refunded.

WHEN A PARTICIPANT CANCELS AND/OR REQUESTS A REFUND: Any time a missions trip is canceled by a registered group or individual, all monies paid will be nonrefundable. Living Hope International must be notified of the decision to cancel a missions trip in writing by mail or email.
Exceptions: LHI will refund participant fees (with exception of the non-refundable deposit and spent funds, i.e. construction fees, lodging expenses) for medical reasons only, with receipt of a note/letter from the participant’s doctor.


Trip Policies:

  1. Transportation to and from the mission site is NOT included in the cost of the trip.
  2. Local ground transportation is included in the cost of the trip.
  3. Adult/Student Ratio: LHI requires each group to provide one male leader and one female leader over the age of 21 for mixed gender groups. The adult/student ratio requirement will be determined by the STM Coordinator for each team.
  4. Individual Registration: All participants in each group must complete all registration forms to participate in any missions team trip. The registration form must include all required contact, insurance, passport and release information, along with the signature of a parent or legal guardian for minors. The group leader is responsible to ensure all Individual Registrations are completed and accurate 30 days prior to the trip start date and must fax or email a PDF to


Insurance Coverage Policy:

  1. All participants are required to carry personal health insurance. Each participant must provide a Group and/or Policy Number on his/her application.
  2. Travel Insurance is required for each participant. LHI will provide a list of provider options upon request.