Jerry’s Testimony of Hope

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It was 1986. I had been living in Oaxaca as a single missionary with a few personal belongings, a pickup truck, and a passion to see people come to know Jesus.

I was engaged to marry Susy in March, so a long road trip to Minnesota was ahead of me. With just half a tank of gas, I made a visit to the villages to preach prior to heading out. I got to see a person come to salvation, had a minor setback with my old, patched-up tires, and had emptied my gas tank. Some missionary support came in: and I hit the road for the wedding, and the mission to return to Mexico with my new bride. My plan was to fast along the way and sleep in my truck to cut costs, hoping to have just enough funds to make it.

As I drove through Texas on an empty stomach, I felt a sense that I was supposed to stop at a diner along the way. After debating with the Holy Spirit for about 20 miles of highway, I made a U-turn and stopped for a quick sandwich and some water. The urge to stop at that diner led me to believe that I would be able to share the Gospel with someone in the diner, but that did not happen. When I returned to my truck, feeling disappointed about the purpose of the stop, with $5.14 less in my wallet, I saw that one of my already-worn-out front tires was bulging and had a major leak. In the 101°F Texas heat, I changed the tire—sweating, exhausted, crying in frustration. Just as I stood up, a cool breeze began to blow. It was as if the Holy Spirit was bringing refreshment to my whole being. 

At that moment, I heard a rustling on the pavement, as a 20-dollar bill blew right to my feet and stopped. A wave of gratitude invaded me as I realized: God spared me from a serious blow-out on the highway, gave me a sandwich, and provided me with twenty dollars to help me get to my destination. When I got to Minnesota for the wedding, the gas tank was empty, but I still had five dollars to spare. 

That experience of miraculous provision and test of faith, inspired me to trust God with my finances and live in surrender and obedience to His leading for the rest of my life. Over and over, God has proved that if we put our faith in Him, we will not be disappointed. Instead, we will witness miracles and lives transformed through His power and faithfulness at work.

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