The Littered Path to the Doorstep of Hope and Healing

The Littered Path to the Doorstep of Hope and Healing

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If you have spent any time with Living Hope International or with Jerry and Susy McNally, perhaps you are familiar with the beginnings of Esperanza Viva Youth Home—how God used one young boy on the streets of Puebla to call Jerry into action. Jerry and Susy almost immediately began taking children into their home directly off the streets. While the vision and needs certainly have not changed, the way Esperanza Viva receives children has.

As EV began building relationships, recognition, and a reputation with the Mexican Social Services along with pastors in and around Mexico, we found many children coming through these different avenues. Currently, about half of the children we receive come from Mexican Social Services —usually their toughest cases. The children are typically sibling groups that would otherwise be split up or who have a long history of behavioral problems. The other half come directly through references—often pastors, neighbors or families who have heard about Esperanza Viva and know children in great need.

No matter how the children are referred to EV, there is great diversity in their histories, hurts and needs.

Some come from families who simply could not provide for them, while others come with emotional and physical scars stemming from years of abuse in their own home. The staff at EV is continually humbled and privileged to love on these children and show them the hope that can be found in Jesus alone. We are continually reminded that the children may only be with us for a short time, so we do our best to pour into their lives while our home is theirs.

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