The Next Leg

Lately, more so than ever, I am excited about how God has positioned us to be effective for His purposes. For years, I believe we have been in preparation mode: faithful with our present-day but expectant to see God’s plans unfold in front of us. As we now reflect on how we have been prepared and equipped, it’s like all things are coming into focus. We are poised to run the next leg of our journey toward new milestones with greater impact for Christ. Arm-in-arm with our incredible staff, we can offer hope to more children through our youth homes; our ministry institute can train even more of tomorrow’s church leaders; Nations Church can reach and disciple more souls for Christ; and Nations School can offer a God-centered education to the next generation. God’s ways are above ours. He knows how to grow a harvest. As much as I would have loved to have been this “ready” years ago, His timing is perfect. Now, along with our growing family of friends and partners, we are richly blessed with the privilege to be a part of God’s goodness in ways we’ve yet to imagine—all while serving “the least of these.”