The Power of Praise

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2020 has been full of challenges and heartache for us all. Many of us are eager for the next calendar page to flip, as though expecting some sort of revert to yesteryear. However, the enemy does not submit to our timetables. He submits to the power and authority of the Lord. As we intentionally lift our gaze and voices to the Lord in praise, we invite Him to fight for us. We invite Him to remind us of His goodness. His faithfulness. His closeness. His love. We give Him credit for the good, not blame for the bad.

In 2 Chronicles 20:21–22, we read how the army of Israel sent their “worship team” out ahead of the soldiers. Defying earthly logic, this perspective was the only way to win. And win, they did.

As children arrive at Esperanza Viva, they cross a pivotal threshold of their journey. But the enemy does not give up when they step foot on campus. If anything, he fights harder still, knowing these young victims are slipping from his grip. As they are introduced to God and people who love them, they find refuge under the wings of the Almighty who knows their hurt and has better plans for them.

In such trying times, it can be easy for us to lose perspective. While some have surely suffered much this year, a majority of us have been mostly inconvenienced or frustrated—altering our lifestyle, missing a family vacation or wedding.

Power of Praise kids singingThe apostle Paul had some rough years too. Between floggings and shipwrecks, persecution and imprisonment, he certainly had grounds for airing frustrations. Yet, he and Silas offered their God-given breath back to the Lord in the form of praises, sung from within shackles in the dark.

What was the result? The enemy’s plans were flipped upside down; resulting, as we read in the account, in the salvation of a Roman guard and his family, and a testimony to God’s greatness to many more—including all who read the account today.

At EV we cultivate a culture of worship. Not as a creative distraction, or a feel-good activity. We understand that worship invites the Lord to intervene. And without the Lord’s intervention, our best intentions and efforts fall humanly flat when a heavenly victory is within reach.

Through the praise of children and infants
    you have established a stronghold against your enemies,
    to silence the foe and the avenger. Psalm 8:2 (NIV)

Let’s, together, have faith like a child and raise our voices to the One who reigns over pain, sickness, and the grave.
Let’s make worship, despite circumstances, our new normal.

Singing Seeds of Truth

We know that leading worship with the kids is a powerful reminder–and demonstration–that hope is real and it is for each and every one of them. Each time we can lead them in these moments where they are experiencing the presence of God, a seed is planted that will undoubtedly bear fruit in their lives in its time.

We worship knowing that with every melody that is sung, we call out to the One that is able to heal and restore all things.

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