Who are They? What is Abundant Life?

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Who are THEY?

Jesus came for the sake of us all. We are all the “THEY” for whom He came to offer life—eternal and new. Throughout Scripture, Jesus repeatedly shows care for the least fortunate. Living Hope International has taken His love for the least and made it our mission.

“…I have come that they might have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

Here is a snapshot of who “THEY” are to us.

Surrendered by Guardian

Our most recently-arrived sibling set of four was brought to live at EV by their mother. She is trapped in an abusive relationship and routinely left the 7-year-old to stay home caring for her younger siblings. She determined that her situation did not have room for caring for her own children.


Some of the children at EV fit the definition of orphan, having family who loved them but have passed away. In many cases, aging grandparents or family members are a temporary solution to what eventually becomes too much to manage.

Prison Policy

In Mexico, more than 2,000 children are behind bars serving with mothers convicted of crimes. Once they turn six these children are evicted, to orphanages or perhaps to family who may or may not be interested or able to care for them—some eventually arrive at EV.

Public Orphanages

In 2006, the United Nations expressed concerns over the large number of children in Mexican orphanages (estimated at 300,000) with no oversight or compliance standards of care. Often, orphanages are closed after egregious crimes or conditions are discovered.

While the children at Esperanza Viva may fit into these categories of how they came to us, each has a story, dreams, and a God who loves them more than they know. Our calling is to show them a glimpse of just how much their heavenly father loves them. That is why Jesus came to earth.


Have you ever wondered what Jesus means when He states the whole reason He came to earth: that we may have life in abundance? Could it be that through faith in Him, we can experience a life that does not lack anything? Abundance, for so many of us, speaks of material wealth, or even excess.  But abundant life speaks of living the best life, not just barely hanging on, or living in survival mode. The amazing reality is that whether you have much or little material wealth, trusting in Jesus opens the door to a life of joy and inexplicable peace, regardless of the troubles in our lives and our perception of scarcity. As we tend to think of giving to those materially poor in this season, let us not forget that life in abundance is ours as followers of Jesus, who is “…Christ in you the hope of glory.” Col. 1:27