Welcome, Urbana 2018 attendees!

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Come to Mexico & Find Your Fit!

Thank you to all who attended the Urbana Encounter at Esperanza Viva in Puebla, MX

Learn more about visiting Esperanza Viva on a short-term missions trip, or for 3-12 months as a Quest intern.

It is our goal for all visitors to have a powerful and lasting encounter with: God first and foremost, the beautiful children in our full-time care, the staff of full-time missionaries, and the vibrant culture of Mexico.

Your visit can bring hope to so many people! Your Mexico trip will consist of spending a Week of Hope with Living Hope International at Esperanza Viva Youth Home. The campus is secure and private, and you will enjoy the moderate climate and clean, recently-constructed guest accommodations. As you serve during your visit, you will be intensely encouraged by what God is doing in the lives of more than 500 children who have found refuge in this sanctuary of hope and healing—100 of whom currently live 24/7 at the two Esperanza Viva Youth Home campuses.

We will also schedule two tourist outings during your visit; likely a visit to a pyramid archeological site and visiting the shops and town square in historic downtown Puebla.

Specifically designed for our visiting Urbana Encounter guests, we will have a number of breakout/deeper dive sessions where we share the purpose and vision of each of the ministries of Living Hope International. While Esperanza Viva, the youth home/orphanage, is perhaps our most widely understood and partnered ministry in the US, the work could not continue if it were not for the other ministries.

Please understand, we are not “recruiting” during this visit, but rather sharing our vision with you, and creating an atmosphere for you to connect with God and others, perhaps expanding your global view of missions and orphan care.

Esperanza Viva Youth Home: You will spend blocks of time with the children of various ages. Crafts, games, and activities will be the backdrop for building relationships with the children and showing love to them. Getting to know their testimonies and what God is doing in their lives will surely be an encouragement and a challenge to your heart and your calling as a Christ follower.

Nations School: After more than 20 years meeting in tents for daily classes, in 2017 we began classes in an incredible new building on campus, with student growth potential for 419 students some day. We will have a vision and Q&A session with the principle of the school, potential classroom shadowing and more.

Living Hope Clinic: Once our basic supplies closet, the clinic has surged as a cutting edge medical facility with the addition of full-time staff and frequent medical missions teams lending their expertise and time. We will have a vision and Q&A session with the clinic manager, and potential service time depending on what medical needs there are on campus during your visit.

Nations Church: We have planted nine churches throughout the region, the two most recent being in the inner city of Puebla, a city of 4 million. You will worship and experience church in another culture and language which is often an impressionable experience for visitors. We will have a vision and Q&A session with the one of our pastors, and potential service time depending on what church-related activity there might be during your visit.

La Viña Ministry Institute: Our on-site, hands-on Bible Institute for young adults. Comprised of mostly young adults from all over Mexico and the United States, we offer two 18 week sessions per year, followed by an optional internship. This discipleship course is the standard track for people who wish to serve full-time with Living Hope. We will have a vision and Q&A session with the program director, potential classroom shadowing, spending time with the currently enrolled students and more.