Vision… We’re Setting Sights on 2020

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Eyesight is a miraculously complex and enriching sense. We all love to see a stunning sunset or the smile of a loved one. As we enter the year 2020, Living Hope International will be restoring vision.

Consider 3 ways we aim to achieve this:

  1. Throughout the upcoming year of short-term missions visits, we’re offering teams a more structured approach to the suggested activities and lesson plans they present in order to offer the children and staff a cohesive and intentional discipleship track built upon the importance of sight.
  2. We will share with greater clarity and intention the vision God has laid on the hearts of LHI leaders and missionary staff. How is it the youth home, the ministry institute, church missions, and more, all are woven together to create a vibrant mosaic
    of the Gospel and our Great Commission?
  3. Improving literal eyesight. In the fall of 2019 we hosted a number of medical teams that saw nearly 2,000 “patients” in the community and on the Esperanza Viva campus—fitting and gifting prescription eyeglasses, therapy, dental care, and more.
    It is our prayer that these types of outreach will see even greater reach in 2020.

God’s Word is filled with examples of sight-related content. Things like: King David’s call to “Taste and see that the Lord is good,” to Elisha’s servant’s glimpse into the spiritual realm as chariots of fire prepared to fight for them. Jesus himself applying mud to the eyes of the blind man, to how God sees us–and how, in Genesis, He looked at man and creation, declaring them good. Together we’ll unpack the scriptures as it relates to vision. Perhaps you will join us in the coming year, to see for yourself, the brilliant colors of a Puebla sunset and the smiles of the precious children.